the water that sleeps not
I have being working on this project for three years(2007-2009).The images are taken from the riverseas of Mesologi/Aitoliko and Kotyxi in Greece ,where fishermen use as their base small artificial or natural islands which are called "Ivaria".The first time i went there was for the editorial needs of a magazine and i was too inspired not to decide to visit it again. Living on these poorly made and unique mini islands, while being surrounded by the riversea can be a riviling experience.It is a constant state of a transition from being awake to dreaming, from life to death.A compilation of a stunning landscape with clouds running above your head and with the sea constantly changing and forcing the Ivari to move with the rhythm. The elements are changing in a fast forward motion and as a result time also changes equally fast. Effortlessly, one can realize how transparent and insignificant is.You want to stay there for ever because of the amplified sensations while at the same time you want to run away to save your life from a monsterous nature that wants to consume and absorb you. These above ideas are the ones i am trying to visualize on this project. 
special Thanks to 
AVGOTARAHO TRIKALINOS CO., for sponsoring the project