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Theodore Tempos was born in 1973 in Athens, Greece.
He has been working as a professional freelance photographer since 1997, and is a highly
 experienced photographer in advertising as well as architecture. 

his services include:
Advertising, corporate, portrait and architectural photography
Commercial and corporate films
Social media and web content
european school of photography E.S.P.(1992-1997)
Intensive Journalism studies at ΕΣΗΕΑ(1993-1994)

1997 solo , Memory , BABEL Gallery , International Month of Photography, Athens
2003 solo , every day utensils , Biennale, Thesalloniki
2003 solo, Every Day Utensils , MOMMY’S gallery , Athens
2007 group,  Oneirophobia  ,  Athens Video Art Festival
2009 group , The Water That Sleeps Not , Biennale, Thesalloniki
2010 solo , The Water That Sleeps Not , Manifactura Gallery, International Month of Photography, Athens
2011, group , The Water That Sleeps Not , Bozar - centre of fine arts, Brussels
2011 solo , The Water That Sleeps Not , Diexodos Gallery , Mesollogi